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Darren Campbell Presents Textbook Butler and Shared Services at CAMEX 2020

March 24, 2020 News

Darren Campbell, CEO of Textbook Butler, was a presenter at CAMEX 2020 in New Orleans, LA. CAMEX is the campus industry’s largest retailing conference and trade show.

Darren had the opportunity to lead two presentations at CAMEX.

The first presentation focused on the Textbook Butler. Textbook Butler is an auto-fulfillment, subscription based program that offers students all of their required course materials, by the first day of class, at an affordable price. Gone are the days of standing in line at the campus bookstore or shopping for books one by one online and hoping you receive them by the time the semester starts. Textbook Butler auto-fulfills all of your required course materials before classes start and either delivered to your residence hall or to your preferred address.

The second presentation focused on the topic of Shared Services in the university and college bookstore industry. Shared Services is the combination of Campus Store, Print, and Mail services. The combination of these services creates a unique cross training opportunity and helps utilize labor more efficiently. Currently, we have five partner schools have utilized our shared services model with the first being Taylor University in Upland, IN.

The trade show at CAMEX gave the team the opportunity to set up their booth and discuss the primary product, Textbook Butler. To learn more about Textbook Butler and how it could benefit your institution and students, contact us.

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