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Textbook Butler Virtually Presents at C3X2020

November 17, 2020 News

Kara Bunde-Dunn, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Tree of Life Bookstores and Textbook Butler, was a virtual presenter at the annual C3X 2020 Virtual Conference and Expo, conducted virtually on November 9-12, 2020. According to NACAS (National Association of College Auxiliary Services), C3X Expo is the pinnacle for campus auxiliary services industry leaders who convene for collaboration and exploration into new ways to create customized, unique, and meaningful services that contribute to each school’s community.

Along with her co-presenter, Mr. Thomas Bonetati, Director of Auxiliary Services at the University of California, San Diego, Kara virtually presented, “From IA to EA: Course materials Evolution in 2020.” 

Kara’s presentation discussed course material delivery models and their success rates, current barriers facing college students, and how the Equitable Access (EA) model benefits students and faculty staff delivering course materials before classes start.

One EA model Kara highlighted was Tree of Life’s course material delivery service, Textbook Butler. Textbook Butler is an auto-fulfillment, subscription-based program that offers students all of their required course materials, by the first day of class, at an affordable price. 

To learn more about Textbook Butler and how it could benefit your institution and students, contact us.

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